Sunday, June 17, 2012

Animated piece, "Meander"

This was my final project as a student.

(Here's the Youtube link!)

I was really set on doing something in a more traditional way, and I was interested in doing something aside from just ink lines for the final look. I think the first thing I decided was to use chalk pastels, and from there I decided what the content of the piece would be. I wanted something simple and gestural for the look, and arrived at the design of the raccoon with that in mind. For the final product, all of the character animation for the raccoon was done in pastels on paper, and any effects animation was done straight-ahead under a downshooter on a translucent sheet of mylar. The background elements ended up looking sort of like a collage as I wanted to maintain some texture and not have totally flat backgrounds.

For me it was a really experimental, trial-and-error way of working, but I'm happy I tried it out. It may not be perfect but I learned a lot from working on it!

You can find the permanent spot for all of my animation here, or just click on the tab at the top!