Sunday, June 17, 2012

About My Demo Reel

Here's my most recent update to my demo reel:

(And here's the Youtube link!)

"Sylvie" - personal work, I produced and composited all of the elements of this animation minus the music (by Kevin MacLeod,
"Meander" - personal work, my final project from school. Full production by me.
"Dare, Dream, Do": produced at MAKE; I provided some of the various animated elements throughout.
"Quitplan: produced at MAKE; I provided the color and lighting effects on the animated character.
"PSIFF 2010": produced at MAKE; I provided the color and textured color/lighting effects and details for all the characters throughout the piece.
"On the Go"/"Gallons": produced at Reelworks; I inbetweened the animated character.
"Bike Race: produced as an independent film by local animator Tom Schroeder; I inbetweened the film.

You can find the permanent spot on my site for my reel here, or by clicking the tab at the top! :)